Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Month by Month Scrapbooking with Albums to Remember

For July I gave you the following photo ideas. Here are some sample layouts to get you started on your pages.

National Celebrations - Canada Day and Independence Day are celebrated in North America. Do you have a special national holiday that you celebrate? Festival? Show us what you do in July.

Kit used is July 4th Independence:

Beach - Here in North America it is getting hot. Take some photos of the beach or how you like to cool down. Do you live in a country where winter is arriving. Take some photos and let's see what your season is like.

Kit used is Tropical Cruise:

Outdoor Adventures -  Do you like to hike, bike, picnic, canoe? What activity are you enjoying this month. Take some photos and share why you love doing it.

Kit used is Outdoor Adventure:

Ideas for August:

Back to School - teachers and students are going back to school. Take some photos of school shopping, first day, classroom.

Holidays - what did you do that was special in August

Weekend Activities - what do you like to do on the weekend? Read, have friends over for a BBQ, bake, show us what you do with your free time.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful July & August.


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