Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Month by Month blog series by Designer of the year Albums to Remember!

For June I posted these photo ideas. Here are some sample pages. 

End of school photos: 

Here are a couple of kits that highlight school:

Father’s Day - do you have a special memory of your dad? Take some photos or dig some photos up and scan them into your computer so you can create a layout. 

Swimming/Cooling Off - Do you swim at the pool, lake, pond? Let’s see your favorite place to hang out and cool off. 

Here are a couple of layouts using my Waterslide & Pool kit:

Here are some photo ideas for July:

National Celebrations - Canada Day and Independence Day are just around the corner, take some photos of how you celebrate. Live in a different country? Do you have a special national holiday that you celebrate? Festival? Take photos and show us. 

Beach - Here in North America it is getting hot. Take some photos of the beach or how you like to cool down. Do you live in a country where winter is arriving. Take some photos and let's see what your season is like

Outdoor Adventures -  Do you like to hike, bike, picnic, canoe? What activity are you enjoying this month. Take some photos and share why you love doing it. 

Wishing you all a great July. Remember your camera and take a lot of photos!


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