Monday, June 6, 2016

Designer Tip from LLL Creations!

Creating old fashioned Polaroid Frames in My Memories Suite

Usually when I do a tip, I give exactly step by step instructions including where each feature is in My Memories Suite.  This one I am assuming you know how to get to those features.  (Example:  how to resize a  shape etc.) If you do not know the basics and want further explanation, please do not hesitate to ask me!

I'm going to show you  a fun and easy way to make a Polaroid Frame for your layouts.  The great thing about these is just like in the old days, it gives you an area to put a date or a few words. :)
Of course there are many ways you can do it but here are a few.  You can choose which way you feel more comfortable with.

#1 - With your photo on your page, use the 'Matte' feature and add a matte to your photo.  You have a choice of white or any other color you like and you have a choice of the width of the matte.  

Now you want to add a shape.  Chose the 'Rectangle 2' shape.  The great thing about shapes is they can be changed to whatever width and height you want.  Make the shape the same color as your matte.  Now just line it up with the bottom of your photo. Adjust the width and depth of the shape.  Select your photo and your shape and 'Arrange/Group'.  This merges the photo and shape together.  
Note: If you want your photo rotated, you must tilt the photo and the shape before grouping them.  After a photo and shape are merged they cannot be tilted. Also if you want it shadowed you also have to shadow the shape and the photo before they are merged.  After merging you can still shadow but will have to shadow the photo and shape individually like they are separate elements.

Now you can move and add your words and whatever else you like.

#2 - And here is another way. 
Put your photo on the page.  Add a shape and chose the 'Rectangle 2' shape.   (It does not matter if your photo is horizontal or vertical because the shapes can be adjusted any way you want) Make the shape the color you want your frame/matte to be.  Move the shape over top your photo and adjust the size of the shape so that it is a little larger than your photo (or as wide as you want your edges) on each side.  At the bottom of the photo pull it down so you have your  'writing area'. Put the shape behind your photo.

 Now I want this photo rotated.  So before I group them, I am going to rotate the photo and the shape each '7'.  I also want the shape shadowed (but not the photo).  So I will do this before they are merged.  When you have it just right you can 'Group' the photo and the shape if you like.  The reason it's good to group them is so you can move it around your page as one piece.  When you add the text remember to rotate the text to the same degree as the photo and matte.  In this case '7'.

Voila!  Just a fun little thing to do and you can create them any color to match any layout or stick to white for the traditional 'Polaroid' look.

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