Monday, May 23, 2016

Month by Month blog series by Albums to Remember

Here is my post for May:

My name is Barb and I design under the name Albums to Remember Designs. The Month by Month scrapbooking blog series is here to help motivate you to do at least one page a month. I’ll give you some ideas for photos, show you some sample pages and give you some ideas for photos for the coming month so you can plan ahead.  

Last month I gave you the following photo ideas for May:

Mother’s Day - Here in Canada we celebrate Mother’s Day. If you do too make sure to take some photos of your mom. If your mother is no longer alive you can document an old photo and journal about the things you miss about her or the lessons she taught you.

Sample created with Mother’s Love:

Baseball/Soccer  - Our season starts late April or early May. I know soccer is starting soon and I am sure there are several other outdoor sports to take photos of.

Here is a fun set of words that works for so many sports pages, called Sports Words.

Recitals/Concerts - May is the month many lessons wrap up and everyone is showing off their amazing talents at year end recitals. It’s also a great time to catch an outdoor concert. Take photos and tell us about it!
Here is a fun kit to highlight the musical talent in your family, kit is called Music in Me.

Planting - It is still usually still too cold to plant but I know many of you live further south so it’s prime time to plant a garden or start yard work. Why not take some before pictures when you finish planting or before/after photos of your yard. It’s always fun to document progress. Later on in summer you can take a similar photo to see how far things have come.

Here are a few layout ideas to highlight your yard work/planting photos. Kit is called Yard Work.

Getting ready for June -

End of school photos - June is the beginning of summer break for many, take some photos of your kids last day of school (if you have kids).

Father’s Day - do you have a special memory of your dad? Take some photos or dig some photos up and scan them into your computer so you can create a layout.

Swimming/Cooling Off - Do you swim at the pool, lake, pond? Let’s see your favorite place to hang out and cool off.

Enjoy your scrapbooking this month. I look forward to seeing your pages. Please feel free to post them in the forum under Albums to Remember Challenges for May.


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