Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Fast Fill by Creatively Obsessed!

Tip: Fast Fill

Fast Fill is my favorite feature of MyMemories!

I have a very large, very busy family; we often take hundreds of photos per event,  Fast Fill saves me so much time when making my scrapbooks and it is so simple to use!

Use Fast Fill, found in the Insert Tab, to automatically load photos from a selected folder into any empty photo box in your album.

1. Use the drop down menu to select your image folder
2. Hold the Shift key or Ctr key to select multiple images from your folder or click select all.
3. You can rearrange your now photos if you want. Photos are placed in the order they appear and the program does not know if they are vertical or horizontal.  When ready, click ok.

4. Sit back and watch your photos load into your album :0)

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