Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Month by Month Scrapbooking with Designer of the Year Albums to Remember!

This month we are going to cover what you could do for February layouts but we are also going to look ahead to give you ideas of photos to take for the month of March.

February theme ideas:

Love – take photos of the things or people you love and create a collage on the page.

Holidays – what do you do for February holidays, there are many different holidays around the world. Where I live we have family day, Valentine's Day. I know some of you celebrated President's Day, Ash Wednesday, Chinese New Year. Document any traditions you have.

School – Often in February there is a semester change for older kids, what courses did you/they finish, what courses are new? How did you or your kids do? What are some favourite subjects? Least favorite?
Activities - Document some of the things you do in your free time. Some of our best memories happen in our backyard when we have a couple hours to go outside and enjoy the weather. 

Home Life - You could document what chores you do weekly, favorite meal, favorite spot in your house.

Here are some samples of February layouts for inspiration:

Everyday life- Block Style -drag and drop with pre-made templates - Page created using BP Blocked Set 1 Template set.

February Activity - Photo Cluster Style - Title word art from Boyish Blue Word Art set.

February Love - Page created using Love Notes

Ideas for March photos:

St. Patrick's Day – Take some photos of how you celebrate. Do you wear green or not? Why or why not?

Work - Take a photo and journal about where you work. Looking back I would love to read about my grandma's working years. Did she enjoy it? What struggles did she face? Remember we are documenting our lives. What seems mundane and normal to us may not be seen the same way in 50 years from now.

Season – Often in March the weather is changing. Take a seasonal photo in the same spot throughout the year to see the changes. 

I am looking forward to seeing what you create. Please share your pages on my Facebook page or over on the MMS forum challenge here

Happy scrapbooking!

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