Saturday, June 6, 2015

Filling Shapes in MMS by Kathryn Estry!

Filling Shapes in MMS
by Kathryn Estry, MyMemories Designer

I’ll again use my new PhotoBooks created with Yum Yum Garden to show you examples in this tutorial.

One of the things the MMS software does very well is allow you to add a variety of shapes to your layout and even to color them and fill them with papers to match your page.  By clicking on the star at the top left of the workspace or by clicking the star in the Control Panel on the right, you’ll open the Shapes Window.  By looking through the different categories, you’ll see a lot of shapes I think you’ll enjoy using on your layout.  In this example

I wanted a simple tag just to add a little journaling.  I chose a rectangle and added it to my page twice, once for the front and once for the back of the tag.  The flower pattern you see on the back rectangle was taken from a paper.  I clicked on the larger rectangle to select it and then over to the right in the Shapes window I chose Paper.  I then navigated to the paper I wanted to use, and the tag was filled with the flower pattern.  You’ll see in that box that you can also fill the shape with a color or with a photo.

Now for the smaller rectangle, I wanted to fill it with a color, but I wanted the color to exactly match the cream in the flower paper.  In the Shapes window, I chose the little eyedropper which is labeled Match.  This allowed me to hover over the flower paper and pick up the cream color.  By matching the color exactly, I know that the tag will look just perfect on my page.  Incidentally I grouped the two rectangles together as one element and then copied it and used it again in the second page shown here.

I’d love to show you my new Yum Yum Garden PhotoBooks in the store.  Click on these images and you’ll be able to see all 20 pages in each.  


Now go and have fun with shapes in MMS!

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