Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Using Shapes with your favorite papers by LLL Creations!

I don't think there are too many digital scrapbookers who are short on embellishments.  But even with huge stashes we sometimes can't find one that matches the layout we are working on.  That's when shapes in My Memories combined with your favorite papers (backgrounds) takes over.  Everyone knows it very easy to add a color or paper to a shape in My Memories but it seems a little tricky if you want to add one from a folder on your computer.  Here's how you do it...

On the right hand side Control panel in My Memories, click on Shapes and Lines and then add.  Add the shape of your choice to your layout.  Now click on the 'Paper' button (under Shapes and Lines).  Now here is where it gets tricky.  You have a large choice of papers to add, but you can't get to the ones on your computer from here.  So - Choose the paper as shown in the picture below. (Under Texture/1st Group/Blue Light)  Now click Add.

NOW - You've got your shape with that blue paper.   Ok, now you can change it to any paper on your computer.   Double click on your shape and the editor box will come up.  Click on 'Replace Image'.  Choose any background paper on your computer!  

Note:  It is unclear why this works and to be honest I haven't spent a lot of time seeing what others you can choose. I just know this one works!

This entire layout was done with shapes and papers ... no embellishments!

NOTE:  I know you can also do the same thing by using photo box shapes.  I prefer not to use the photo box shapes for papers because once you start adding photos to your page that photo box wants to grab your photos.  I just find using the regular Shapes tool easier to manage.

The best part about adding papers to shapes is they now can be matted and shadowed.

Another way to use less embellishments and create fun layers is to bring your papers in under the embellishments tab.
Then you can resize them, stack them, rotate them and create layers of fun!

Have fun playing with shapes and papers.  As always ...the possibilities are endless!

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