Saturday, May 2, 2015

Design Tips with Sugar Moon Designs!

1.  When putting together a layout it's a good idea to remember the design principle of using odd numbers. Someone a long time ago (probably the Greeks) figured out that the human brain prefers to see groups of things that are odd numbered. If you make clusters, for example, try using 3 of an item that is the same. You can make them each slightly different size for visual interest. To build up your clusters, just remember to keep your numbers uneven. You can use 9 or 11 or whatever, just keep it uneven. Sometimes if something just doesn't look right on your page, try checking the number of items and see if you've got an even number too close together in your design. Of course this is just a guideline - if you've got an even number of something and you love it, GO WITH IT! (You can also use this principle in your home when grouping items of decor)

2. Rule of Thirds To make a layout or photograph especially pleasing to the eye, divide your page into 9 imaginary areas with two evenly spaced horizontal lines and two evenly spaced vertical lines. Space your embellishments and photos more or less evenly or put the main elements in the upper third or lower third of the page. Take this concept a step further, especially in photographic composition, by dividing your area into thirds both vertically and horizontally and placing your most important elements at one or more of the four intersections of those lines.

3. Make sure your layouts have a focal point. A focal point is the most important part of your layout. A focal point is usually what you want people to notice first If you want your focal point to be your journaling, you might make the text color darker, if you want your photo to be the focal point maybe you make it the largest item on the page. The focal point can be whatever you want, but just keep in mind that a focal point helps people understand the message that you are communicating with your layout. Here are some ways to create a focal point: make it the brightest thing on the page, use a different or contrasting color, move it in a different direction or contrast it's position with other items, make it the biggest thing on the page, have all the elements lead to it, make it a different shape, isolate it, make it dull or faded if everything else is dark or bright. There are lots more ways, but hopefully these will give you some ideas!

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