Sunday, May 3, 2015

Custom Searching in the MyMemories Suite Shop with Albums to Remember!

Tired of doing searches and having to go through page after page of products? Did you know you can do custom product searches in the My Memories Suite store? You can see what products your favorite designer has in specific categories. This tutorial will show you how to narrow down what comes up in your search for products at the My Memories Suite store. 

Step One: Go to the My Memories Suite store and click on the "Advanced Search" button at the top of the store page. (See image below).

Step Two: A list of 3 categories will come up. You will see Type, Category, and Designer. This is where you get specific. 

Type: This menu allows you to choose what type of product you are looking for. If you are looking for template choose "All Templates" if you want to be more specific and you only want to see the photobook templates you can choose "Photobook Templates" and only the template sets that fall into that category will show up.

Category: This menu allows you to choose the theme you are looking for. Click on the arrow and it will show you several themes such as boys, girls, holidays, everyday, seasons, weddings, etc. Choose your theme. 

Designer: This allows you to narrow it down to your favorite designer. Have a designer you love to purchase from and want to see if they offer anything in the category you are looking for. Choose them from the menu and you are set to go!

Here is an example of a customer search for Album Templates with a boy theme by Albums to Remember Designs. Once I have all my menu items for my search chosen I press the green search button and check out everything that shows up. It's that easy! Have fun searching. 

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