Monday, April 27, 2015

Using the opacity tool for great effects by Lil - LLL Creations!

Using the opacity tool in My Memories Suite with textured backgrounds can give you some very cool effects for your layouts.

Use the opacity tool on your photos with textured backgrounds underneath can change this:

To this:

Or use a textured background and bring in another paper as an embellishment, change the opacity of the top paper and you can texture any background.  
Opacity is the key.
Original background:

Same background with a textured background underneath, brought in as an embellishment with a reduced opacity.

For this layout I used a textured background and put the top picture on the page and sized it to the width of the page.  I used the opacity tool on the photo and brought it down to 50%.  I tried a few different textured papers under until I found one that I thought looked good with the photo.  Using the transparency tool on photos gives you the opportunity to add other photos to the page and make them 'pop'.

For this layout I made the top photo opacity set to 45%.  I used a textured background that made the photo look like a canvas.

For this layout I used a textured background and used a photo to cover the entire page on top of it.  I used an opacity of 25% for the photo so it would be very faint.

For this layout I used a textured background and brought in a navy paper as an embellishment.  This allowed me to change the opacity of the navy paper to 65% so the texture would show through

There are so many variations you can do to get different effects.  With the opacity tool on photos, papers and even embellishments you completely change the look of a page.

Play around with opacity and textured papers and have fun!

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