Thursday, April 9, 2015

Using Alphabets & Monograms by LLL Creations!

Using alphabets and monograms in My Memories Suite by LLL Creations
by Lil - LLL Creations (a designer at My Memories)

I have heard so many people say they don't bother using alphabet packs because they are too hard to use.  But using alphabets lets you get really personal and be creative with your layouts.  Spelling names or special words that mean something for your photos can make the page unique!

So I'm here to show you that's it's not that bad and their are some tricks to use in My Memories Suite that will have you not only using alphabet packs but enjoying them!

After you have picked the style alphabet you want to use on your page and you've decided what word/name you want to spell, just follow these simple steps.
(The following steps are for using ALL upper case.  See notes at the bottom if you are using upper and lower case combined.)

1. - Simply drop all of the letters for your word onto the page.
2. - Arrange them in the order of the word but don't worry about spacing or heights.  (Keep in mind that the 1st and last letter placement will not change)
3. - Use your mouse curser to draw a box around all of the letters. (Left click and hold the mouse button down, draw a box around them all and then let go of the left click)  Now all of your letters are selected.
(Note: Easiest to do if there are no other embellishments on the page.  HINT: Create your words on a separate page and then cut and paste onto the page you want to use them.)
4. - Go to 'Arrange/Align/Bottom'. And then go to 'Arrange/Align/Space Evenly - Horizontal'.  And finally go to 'Arrange/Group'.

5. - You're done!  At this point you can now move and resize your word to suit your page.  And add a shadow if you want!.

*The above steps are for horizontal words but you can do the same if you want your word vertical.  The difference would be in step 4 you would 'Arrange/Align Center' and then 'Arrange/Align/Space Evenly-Vertical'  And then Arrange/Group'

NOTE: When using upper and lower case combined in a word you can still follow the same steps.  But for horizontal words when you 'Arrange/Align/Bottom' any letters like y, g, p etc. that normally go below the line would have to manually moved down a bit before going to 'Arrange/Group'.  But it only takes a second because everything else is spaced evenly and aligned.

**Special Note:  This sounds like a long task ... but believe me, if you do this over and over it becomes second nature and it is done in no time and it is fun!

AND that's not all!  Who said letters have to be lined up??  Scattering the letters on a page makes it fun and easy, easy, easy.  Just scatter your letters the way you want them, select them all and group them and then you can move and resize as you please.

The alphabets used in these layouts are:

Screwed Chrome Alpha available here
Blue Summer Alpha available here  
Cork Stapled Alpha available here

But I have all of my Alphabet packs on sale ... available here

If you liked this tip, feel free to comment or come over to my facebook page and tell me!  Or better yet, show me a layout you did trying this tip!

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