Thursday, January 8, 2015

Meet today's Daily Designer...Caroline B!

"You may often ask yourself : "What is the 'FAMOUS Rule of Three'  ? "
Nothing more complicated that 4 simply virtual lines that cut a page (every format, square or rectangle) in three horizontally AND vertically.

AND the FOCUS points are placed at the intersections : 

Example with a square format, but will also work with a rectangle one.

So now think to your composition by using this focus point, you could also create your own grid or use this one I created for you in PNG (you could use it in every design program, including MMS) and  if you use it for a rectangle page, don't hesitate to stretch it at your convenience, the lines and the focus points will remain at the good place ! 

Here are some examples with the same photos and few elements, with lines to show you how I compose my pages and without lines to see the completed LO. The blue flat elements are here only (but surely) to strengthen the composition. (That will be the subject of another course)

Focus points and lines following the PENCIL

FOCUS points and lines following the middle of the face.

FOCUS points and lines following the EYES.

And here are the  finished pages :

Next time I will teach what about the "Famous Golden Number"...

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