Friday, January 16, 2015

Another Way to Use Masks by Happy Scrap Arts!

Designer Tip from Happy Scrap Arts

Another way to use masks

I love designing masks but I know it’s not possible to use a mask as a clipping mask in My Memories Suite. I’ll let you see here that it’s possible to use the masks in another way in My Memories Suite.
In my kit Frozen Masks I will provide you with the mask in black and also a blue version. You can use both as an embellishment on your background. After you have chosen your background paper, you can add the mask to your page. For the black mask, you can play around with the opacity making it more or less transparent so that it will fit your page. You can off course do the same thing with the colored mask.

On the mask you can put your photo or you can make a nice cluster and use the mask behind this. Using a mask behind a word art can give a great effect too.
I have 2 examples for you. You can see the ways I use the masks on these pages.

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On the first page I used the mask in a white version as a background on my paper. It’s very easy to do. Just choose your background paper and then choose the mask you want to use. Put it on your background and then you can start building your page by adding frames, elements and photos.
For the second page I did use the mask as a clipping mask on a photo in another software. I choose a background paper, then added the mask on the paper and changed the opacity a bit. After that I added the photo on which I applied the mask before. Then I added some embellishments.


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