Tuesday, December 9, 2014

MyMemories welcome's Triple J Designs to the Design Shop!

Writing or talking about myself has never been something I was good at. Some would say I am an introvert and I guess they would be right. I am perfectly happy staying home, reading or designing and not having to interact with others face to face. I do work outside of the home though, so I guess I am not that introverted....yet :)
I have been married for 10 years, have two kiddos (Son is 9 and daughter is 15....lord help me) and we live in Saint Louis, Missouri. I come from a HUGE family and still have not met all of them!
My grandfather was one of 10 children, my father is the oldest of  twelve and I am one of nine with two younger than myself. I have aunts, uncles and cousins GALORE....lol.
My mother is my neighbor and my younger sister lives just down the street. The rest are all over the U.S. and I am determined to meet as many of them as I can :)

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