Saturday, October 18, 2014

Today's Daily Designer....Katie's Paperie!

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Hi Everyone!
It is a pleasure to meet you!  My name is Katie McClellan and my design shop is Katie’s Paperie.   I have been designing since 2004 and it’s hard to believe that 10 years have gone by.   My style is heritage and vintage – usually with a lot of romantic elements and feel to the kits.   I love creating historical kits.  I do a lot of genealogy work and building of family history pages.
A bit about me – I am a passionate Francophile and love being in France and most especially, Paris.   I am my best self when I am there – confident, creative and impossibly happy.   My dream would be to live in France before I grow old – but then leaving my family here keeps me from jumping on that dream.  So, I work to create a bit of Parisian comfort in my home and my life.
I recently learned that my corporate job is to be eliminated in December.   This has opened an interesting window for me – and I have decided to take at least a year off to finish my two novels, donate my time to the elderly and just be in the moment as much as I can.   I will work on adding to my store here, designing accessories, journals and hopefully picking up more freelance personal historian work as well.   
What I love most about digital design is the moment that an idea materializes on the screen – the perfect blending of a pattern or when an element comes out so realistic.  It’s like magic.   I love too, the idea that my designs become part of your creative vision – and we as a community are so richly connected through this process.
My hobbies include painting - I am a watercolour artist, creating art journals and books, photography and writing.  Storytelling, whether in art or words, is my true north.   
I must admit that I am not all that social media savvy.  I have only just recently joined Twitter – @OnePaleRose.    My FB page is    
I very much appreciate MyMemories for providing me an opportunity to introduce myself and my art to all of you – and for hosting my work .   I have a 40% sale on for the weekend - stop by and pick a pretty to take home!

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