Friday, September 26, 2014

Meet today's Daily Designer.....Love It Scrap It!

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I've been digi-scrapping for over 5 years. I love being creative so transitioning into designing was a natural fit. I started about a year ago with blog train freebies, while I was on a few creative teams. I was fortunate to have some great designers that were willing to help me learn and grow. I was designing just under my name, but I knew that I wanted a name with more meaning and pizzazz. Lol
And then Love it Scrap it was born. I'm a big believer that whatever you love in life should be scrapped. Whether family and friends, vacations or hobbies, even nature, keepsakes, bad days, whatever. If it means something to you, you should document it! 

I've been known to scrap all the above and I often make layouts of my poetry as well. I say why not. I love that I'm passing down every moment I love to my kids and grand kids. They will know how I felt when I married my husband down to the day I was feeling pretty and took selfies of myself in the mirror. Lol

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