Thursday, August 21, 2014

Meet Today's Daily Designer.....Valkyrie Designs!

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I love carnivals and the atmosphere they generate! When I am there 'loose', I become a real girl! Wide-eyed admiration, the beating heart and the desire to try everything at once! I let you imagine how I was during our stay at Disneyland!
I'm also a big fan of Halloween, and I regret this time to live in France! Here, few people celebrate as it should be! While I, as I love dressing up, I coach kids in my delirium, I terribly redecorating the house and I prepare disgusting recipes!!
All this inspires my creations! Although I full of ideas and I find inspiration everywhere! I even used to set scenes for my children that my husband take pictures for his website! Creativity is a family affair :-p

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