Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Meet Today's Daily Designer.....KittenScraps!!!

Meet KittenScraps! 

Twiggs is a coffee house that was started here in North Bay-if you enjoy coffee-you would LOVE this place.  Fair Trade, organic coffee freshly roasted on site daily….hmmm.  (I’m a little biased-my daughter Alexandra has worked there since 15 and is now the manager)  Darren & I are both Sci-Fi Fans and BOTH enjoy Star Trek, Monty Python and the like.  My dog Bullet is a pit bull I inherited when her owners were posted to an embassy in Hong Kong and could not take her with them.  She is 12 and the sweetest, most sucky dog you would ever meet.  My Mac… I was a PC girl until Darren bought me a Mac for Xmas.  I’ll never buy a PC again…that’s all I can say about that.  For the record I’m less than 9 years younger than Darren.  He has had white hair since he was in his 20′s and I’m not really as young as I look :(   -Tanya my oldest is 26…so you do the math.

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