Thursday, July 31, 2014

Meet Today's Daily Designer....Polka Dot Chicks!!!

Let’s see….I can’t really think of anything embarrassing but I would say my greatest achievement (s) would be my kids and how great they turned out especially since their dad and I got divorced when they were young but we always made an effort to communicate and do things together with the kids (school functions etc). My oldest son, Andy is a middle school vocal music teacher and married; my youngest son, Matt is married to his husband and is a successful leasing agent for high end apartments, my youngest is Shelby, my daughter.  She lives on her own, goes to school full-time for a business degree, does photography on the side (hope to do full time) and works a full time job plus a part time job - both of which she is the manager.  Her full time job she is a merchandising specialist lead at a well known clothing store.

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Kathy C. said...

You've raised a beautiful family and I love this page. It captures you all :) Thanks for sharing!

Barb aka Albums to Remember said...

So cool that you are a mother/daughter team.