Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Meet Today's Daily Designer....Clever Monkey Graphics by Tracey Monette!

Tell Us A Story.....

I'd like to come up with a great story for you about my most embarrassing moment - and the best I can come up with is forgetting one of my best friend's names when I went to introduce her at a party back when I was a teenager. Either my memory is poor or selective on such matters or perhaps it is that my sense of humor stops most gaffs from becoming embarrassing since I laugh right along with everyone else at myself. I definitely like people. Somewhat extroverted but I think it is really to cover deep down shyness. My life is so dang normal that I'm never sure what to talk to people about. Would they like to know the digital designer aspect of me and what it is like to do my work or would they rather I give them a 15 minute recital of physical accidents and injuries that have put the extra padding on my butt over the last 10 years. I have designed for over 8 years now and I do love what I do. I come from an artistic family so choosing an artistic career comes natural to me. Having gone to a graphic design school it was easy for me to switch from digital scrapbooking to digital designing and I did so within about 4 months of going digital in my scrapbooks. I do my most of my work with photoshop on a laptop PC but must switch to my desktop and a special monitor that I can draw directly on for my doodling.

Here's some oddball or interesting aspects to my life.... one family member missed coming over to America on the Titanic because of a fire in their village just before their trip was to take place. I have a family member who is currently having a reality tv show filmed about them. One of the group I used to go scuba diving with was bit by a shark - but lived to tell the tale. While living in Paris with my limited French I once asked a butcher to NOT give me the guts of the chicken - he didn't understand and came out with his hands full of hearts, livers and more. I asked another butcher to cut off the chicken's head for me - he took a hatchet - attacked the whole chicken - and I got to spend 30 minutes having to pull bone fragments out of my chicken pieces before I could cook it! One restaurant we liked to eat at in Paris had a hole in the ground with painted footprints on either side of it for a bathroom. Ummmm.... I waited until I got home. In his 80's my father learned photoshop and combined photographic talent and photoshop work to create pieces which he sold in shows in order to donate thousands of dollars to Make-a-Wish - how cool is that! At one point I owned nine pairs of cowboy boots. I once ditched my husband and friends at Disneyland because I couldn't handle the crowds. I once ditched my husband in the Hockey Hall of Fame because I couldn't handle the crowds. I don't do crowds very well. I like the sound of tv and talking over the sound of music. I love the movie The Ten Commandments - but I also love all the original Planet of the Apes movies. 

I am kind (usually!!!), quirky and eclectic and tend to be a mediator personality. My husband jokingly calls me Martha Stewart. My cooking does not earn that title because I just can't stick to a recipe. My cleaning doesn't really earn it either. Although my house does always look nice. I love reading great stories. I think I live my life by the phrase "If you give a mouse a cookie...." Okay, you've had your taste of me - signing off. Enjoy the sale in my store today.

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