Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Meet Today's Daily Designer....Benthaicreations!

Tell Us A Story....

My name is Benoit (nickname Ben) aka Benthaicreations. I live in Bordeaux in the south-west part of France!!

Why Benthaicreations..?? It is because I have been volunteering teaching french in a highschool in Nothern Thailand (Chiang Mai) for more than 12 years now..and I love the country, the culture and the language! As Thailand is a main source of inspiration for me it was obvious to associate it to my nickname..and tadaaa..ma pseudo was there!!

I started designing for digiscrapbooking  5 years ago..I was a member (and then co admin) in a forum dedicated to digiscrapbooking. We wrote tutorials about digiscrapbooking, how to create everything needed for a layout from A to Z , Then I started to create  more and more papers and elements... I am not a really "geek" (well..well!!) but I love everything "e"..or "d"..(electronic or digital) and the challenge to create elements or papers attracted me.. Everything about designing is very instinctive or intuitive.for me. I just love colours, light, fine textures, painting... and I think (or hope) that all that can reflect in my papers!!

Here I am in a few words..
Thank you for reading...and meeting!!

Hugs Ben!!

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Unknown said...

S̄wạs̄dī mī Benoit, Nice to know you better, thanks for all your beautiful paper :)

Crystal said...

Love your designs! What a wonderful quote you chose! :)

Benthaicreations said...

thank you very much Crystal