Friday, June 6, 2014

Today's Daily Designer....Becky's Creations!

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Meet Today's Daily Desinger.....
Becky's Creations!
I started making incredimail letters and tags back in 2009. I took lots of tutorials and learned as much as I could.
Most of the tutorials had me using a free scrapkit that someone else had made. I really like playing with the scrapkits and wanted
To learn to make them myself. So a designer friend of mine took me by the hand so to speak and lead me in the right direction.
In  2010 I started selling my own creations. I still love to learn new things and incorporate everything I Learn into my kits.
My style is pretty much all over the place because I like so many different things.
Tell Us a Story........
My husband is diabetic and we are all following his diet and I have been losing weight. It's easy to tell because my pants are very loose and I keep having to pull them up.

About a week ago someone came to the door and I stood up and before I made it to the door I realized I was loosing my pants. By the time I grabbed them the man at the door

Got an eye full of my granny panties.  I don't know which one of use was more horrified.  After he left those pants went in the thrash can.

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