Saturday, June 14, 2014

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Tell Us A Story....

Funny story about me: I have no memory when it comes to my bag, my paper or other things like that. So, when we are traveling is my husband who keeps everything. During a stay to Mickey, we followed a lesson drawing, and at the end of this one we'll do Roller Coaster, but on the way I saw, I was missing my jacket (small info it was very wrinkling and I had a coat and a raincoat, this is the last that I was missing) I was very sad because I bought this coat with my sister several years before and I loved it well. My poor husband who saw me so sad, did everything to find him, we are back where we took the lesson, and the cast member was just as helpless as my husband! When of a sudden I d├ęgraffe my coat because the inside it was getting hot, and bang, my raincoat was below my coat hahaha! My dear hubby was delighted to see the drama avoided and the young cast member too. I wasn't very proud, but happy to have again my dear raincoat.

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