Monday, May 26, 2014

Featured Designer...ADB Designs!

Meet this week's Featured Designer.....ADB Designs!

I retired from the corporate world in 2001 and discovered digital scrapbooking when I joined my husband in his photography studio business in 2003.  Photoshop was an integral part of the studio work flow and I started designing in a very small way for our business.  I found how much I loved the whole digital scrapping community and volunteered in my free time as a Quality Control team member for 3 large stores for several years.  I saw a lot of different designers work, I knew what I liked and knew that what I liked was not being produced by many designers.  I saw a niche for romantic, vintage, family heritage type kits and since I also have a passion for researching my family history and creating layouts for our family, I began designing for my first store in 2011. Photoshop is still my "go to" designer tool but I also use Adobe Illustrator, Art Rage, and other small specialty tools.

A little more about me.....

   I am NOT a morning person but with two English setters and a husband who are, I am often at the computer drinking coffee and trying to wake up when I would much rather be in bed!
  I LOVE to read and that is what I do in my spare time.  Recent books: Monuments Men, The Color of Water, Still Alice, The First Phone Call From Heaven, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (had to reread, it was 1970 when I read it the first time) .... I have a master degree in Information Management Library Science and though I own a kindle, I rarely use it....I prefer the weight of a book in my hands. Old fashioned, I know!
My favorite TV Show's (in no particular order!)
 Breaking Bad (even though it is over,I have to put it on the list)
Walking Dead
Person of Interest
specials or mini series about history

I have two children, two grandchildren, two dogs, ONE husband.  I live on 5 acres inside the city limits of a small mid-western town that I love.  We have  a small vineyard, a large garden and several hundred trees. It is a beautiful and serene place.  I love every season here as they are all beautiful in different ways but right now it is spring and one of the most beautiful I can remember.  I hear the turkeys gobbling in the evening, the cardinals and robins and blue jays singing all day and the fragrance of our flowering scrubs and trees is especially strong this year.  I can smell mock orange and jasmine and dogwood now that the lilacs have passed.

What I prefer....
Dark Chocolate
Batman  (Michael Keaton in particular!)

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