Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday Blog Challenge from *Scraps N Pieces* - check out their *Brave Little Warrior* and post your own!

This week, we'd like to Spotlight the *Little Warriors* among us!!
Do up your best challenge page and share your "Little Warrior's" story and
you could win a fun little $20 shopping spree to the StoryRock
 or Design Club shop at

Use the ADD YOUR LINK button to link to your personal blog,
Facebook post, or photo sharing gallery (Flickr or Photobucket) 
One winner will be chosen and posted next week!! Good luck!

Check out this AWESOME kit!! Profits from the sale of this kit 
go directly to help the family of this brave *Little Warrior* named
"Lightning McKay* little guy fighting neuroblastoma.
Click here to follow his story:  Lightning McKay


Click to check out this awesome kit here!!  And don't forget to 
add your link to be entered in the giveaway - winner posted next Wednesday!

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