Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome to MyMemories Project 2013: Cover-to-Cover!

Happy 2013!!  Welcome to *MyMemories Project 2013: Cover-to-Cover!*  I am really excited you are here, and are committing to this project along with the MyMemories Team!  Myself, Jessica and various Designers will be sharing tips, tricks, techniques, layout ideas, and goodies throughout the course of the series this year!  So, take a peek at the video and see what I have mapped out so far, and take a minute to introduce yourself too!! Join our little FB group if you'd like - we will keep all the links available there, on the blog here and on the MMS FB page too!  The Facebook group will be a great place to share our pages, ask questions and review what every one else is up to as well!  So come on over and check it out! (It is listed as a "closed" group - but that just means you need to request to join, and only members can see the posts!)

Here's the link: Facebook.com/groups/MyMemoriesCovertoCover

So come on over and check it out!! And don't forget to introduce yourself!! 

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DebbyW said...

Thank you very much :)