Friday, July 27, 2012

*Fabulous Friday* Guest Blogger ~ Kelsey Caldwell of Rural Mama's Sandbox!

Hello! I'm Kelsey aka Rural Mama, I live on a horse farm and stay at home with my beautiful daughters. My blog, Rural Mama's Sandbox, was created in March 2010 to help me document the happenings in our little piece of the world and to introduce the world to my family and farm life. I love to host reviews and giveaways, so you can find those every so often on my blog as well.

I was introduced to My Memories in December 2011 and absolutely LOVE the My Memories Suite v3 Program! I use it ALL the time for my Blog, our non profit organization, and for daily life. The most recent project I created was a Invitation for my niece's Baby Shower!

The Baby Shower theme is Teddy Bears and Tutus, so I searched through the My Memories website to find a design kit that might fit the bill. I chose to use Precious Moments as my inspiration for the invites! I designed the invitation with the help of a cute purse card template from the Share The Memories Freebie Kit in June. Once I had everything in place, I printed one of the cards out to admire my work. I cut it out, looked it over, and decided that there was something missing. I felt like a couple elements needed to "Pop." 

I decided that on the inside, the bears needed to stick out. I opened a new page and copy & pasted the bears onto the new page. By doing this, the bears stayed the size that I needed them and I didn't have to guess how big I should make them on the new page. I printed the invite and the new page with bears. I cut out the bears and used double sided sticky foam squares to stick the bears in place where I had designed them to be on the original invite. The foam made the bears "Pop" like I had imagined and made it perfect! 

After I had all 75 invites printed and cut out, I received a phone call that there was a scheduling conflict with our event location. We HAD to change our time! What was I going to do, I had already printed ALL the invites? I decided to make another element to cover the old time and display the new time. I went back and added a new ribbon element to the original invite in the My Memories Suite v3 Program to see how it would look. Once I got it just right, I copy and pasted it to a new page just as I had done with the bears. I cut out the new ribbon with the correct time, then used a hot glue gun to apply the strip over the wrong time. I trimmed the edges so that it was uniform with the invite and VUALA! Catastrophe adverted!  

I can't tell you how many phone calls I have received telling me how cute the invitations are and I owe it all to My Memories! The My Memories Suite v3 program enables you to make great digital projects as well as hybrid ones!

You can find links to cool Freebies like the one I used to make the invitation every Friday on my Blog, Rural Mama's Sandbox!

Here are some GREAT photos so you can see just how STINKIN' CUTE these invites came out!! Kelsey, these are just awesome - you did an amazing job creating a one of a kind invite!! 

Thanks Kelsey! This is an awesome project!!!  Thanks for sharing!

If you like Kelsey's blog, you can also connect with her Rural Mama's Sandbox; 

Thanks for reading and happy crafting!


Monica said...

I love how those invitations turned out! I made some simple shower invites recently also and love how quick it is using My Memories!

Christine Smith said...

wooohoooo, Kelsey ROCKED this project - thanks for showing it off!!

Anonymous said...

hi! this has nothing to do with this post...i tried to log into the forum, and it wouldn't let me. i just this evening wasted about 4 hours downloading and trying to figure out a free trial version of my memories scrapbook software....what a worthless piece of crap it is! if that is intended to get me to buy it, your company is out of luck. thanks for wasting my time!

Unknown said...


Becky said...

haha! I had no idea there was a time change cover-up. It was completely camouflaged in your design. brilliant! I have received many more compliments on the invite (yes I am the niece!)--I hope I remembered to pass them on to you. <3 I love My Memories as well!

Kay Neal said...

Such cute ideas. I love it.