Monday, May 14, 2012

Meet this week's Featured Designer - *Kreations by Sparky*!

Good morning and Welcome to the MyMemories blog!  Each week, we like to introduce you to one of the AMAZING Designers who's creations are available in the Design Shop!  This week, we'd like you to meet Lori from Kreations by Sparky!  Here's a few things she'd like you to know about herself:

My name is Lori aka Kreations by Sparky and am 48 years young, soon to be 49.  Sparky is a nickname my father gave me when I was a child and to this day he still calls me Sparky.  I started scrapbooking 6 years ago when my sister, mother and I decided to do a scrapbook for my father for his 70th birthday.  Well come to find out I was the creative one in the bunch and the other two were good at "giving orders".  Needless to say I did all the work.  I have only used PSP and am now using the latest version PSPX4. I am married with two adult boys, ages 18 and 28.  My 18 year old has just graduated and half the time he thinks I've lost my marbles. On a weekly basis he threatens to send me to the "home".  I just tell him as long as my hoverround is charged, I'm ready to go. It would be a welcomed vacation! lol 

My 28 year old is married and has given me my first grandchild, a grandson, whom I call "My Angel".  He is the light of my life and when he say's "grandma" everything in the world seems right.  I now understand how my Mother and Grandmothers felt.  Being a Grandma is the most wonderful thing in the world.  The love for a grandchild is like no other love in the world.  I'm hoping for more grandchildren, but NOT from the 18 year old, not yet anyway.  Maybe he can give me one in about 7 years or so.  

Since we just celebrated Mother's Day I would like for you to submit your favorite recipe from your mother, grandmother, or mother figure in your life and a short little story behind the recipe.  There will be three winners and the prizes will include first place - $20.00 to KBS shop,  Second Place - $15.00 to KBS shop and third place - $10.00 to KBS shop.

If you have trouble posting in the comment section of my blog, you can submit your entries to and I will copy and paste them to my blog. Good Luck and thank you for your support.

And make sure you check out her blog and Facebook page too!  Designers often have FUN things to share on their own pages too - and we don't want you to miss a SINGLE thing!  And visit her shop this week at MyMemories too - EVERYTHING is on sale! 

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