Saturday, July 30, 2011

A *Short & Suite* Tutorial for your Super Busy Saturday!

Good morning and welcome to the blog page! We have so many new friends that I thought I would share some of the detailed tutorials we did during the recent "March Into MMS" series! This one shows you how to take your favorite Designer Template page and make it YOURS! (I got a chuckle out of all the talk of snow!! I sure wouldn't mind a few cooler temperatures right here in July!)

Hope you enjoy it! Please feel free to email me: if you need more help!

There's also a PDF lesson to go along with the video if you like printed directions!

So... check it out and see what you think! And if you'd like to check out the rest of our video series, they are all listed on the Tutorial Blog link!


Stop and smell the Daisies said...

I really enjoyed this tutorial. It must depend on which designer template you choose, though, because the one I chose will not let me access any one thing on the page. It is one collective "embellishment". Is there a way to separate the elements?

Linda said...

Hello there,
There is a difference between "templates" and "quick" pages. Templates you are able to move things but quick pages are not. With quick pages you can only add your photos etc. You can not move things around. Hope that helps.