Friday, July 22, 2011

"Princess Katy" steals our hearts!!

Having our My Memories Suite friends create a book for a little girl was not what I had planned when I made a post on the My Memories Suite FB page. I had recently become a fan of reading other blogs and wanted connect with any and all MMS fans that have blogs. Things got a bit crazy and a few days had passed when I realized that I had forgotten about the post I made asking for peoples blog addresses. I started to make my way through the blogs that our MMS friends had created and was so impressed by all the creativity. I came to the 4th blog MMS friend named Amiee of the first things I saw on her blog were the words "Embrace the Journey". I knew immediately that I wanted to read more.

I began to read some of Amiee's blog. The more I read, the more I felt a connection with Amiee, whom I had never met! She is a stay at home mom, she is from New England, she is a crafty person and we both have kiddos with CHD's (Congenital Heart Defect). I am very lucky that my Carter's CHD is stable right now and he is monitored regularly and will eventually have surgery. Amiee's little girl, Katy has a severe CHD where Katy needs a new heart. I continued to read through Amiee's blog and found that the "Make a Wish" foundation granted Katy a wish last September. Katy's wish was to go on a Disney World vacation. Anyone who knows me, knows that Walt Disney World is my favorite place on earth! I needed to see photos of this precious little girl and their trip to Walt Disney World. I found some photos of their trip and they were screaming at me to be scrapped. The more I looked through the photos the more I felt I was being called to do something special. I decided to write an e-mail privately to Amiee and ask her if me and some of my scrappin' friends could help help her by creating some layouts of their vacation. It wasn't long before I heard back from her......she said it was a very generous offer, but she knows how scrappers are behind on their own pages and couldn't take our time to create pages for her family! I assured her (on behalf of my MMS friends who I hadn't yet asked to help out yet! LOL) that this was something "we" wanted to do and it would be our pleasure! She wrote back very excited that people who didn't even know her and her family would do such a generous thing!

Once I got the "ok" from Amiee, I took the little project to our MMS friends! WOW......I knew we had awesome friends, but the response was AMAZING! Within 48 hours we had 23 friends volunteer to create layouts (including 2 designers and 1 printing boutique)! I was stunned and amazed by the response! This wasn't a little project anymore! One of our MMS designers, Barb from "Albums to Remember" e-mailed me the morning after my request saying that she had created a kit just for Katy and this project to give to all the volunteers! Mary, from The Memory Boutique offered to print all the layouts for Katy! The layouts started rolling in and my tears, once again, were flowing! All 68 layouts were amazing! We were all touched by this very special little girl named Katy and her family!

Here is a special slideshow of ALL the pages that were created with the loving heart and soul of some special friends from the MMS Facebook page! We were so excited to share this with Katy and her family! We hope they will treasure these special memories from their amazing trip for many years to come!

Many thanks to the Murphy Family for entrusting us with your beautiful photos from your trip! We had an amazing time creating this memory book for you and are so happy that you love it!

Thanks to the "MMS Suite Peeps" who helped make this wonderfully crazy idea of mine come to life.....Amy, Barb (from Albums to Remember), Crystal, Debbie B., Elaine, Jamie, Kat, Katherine (from MagicalReality Designs), Kathleen, Katrina, Krissy, Laura, Linda H., Linda M., Lisa J., Lorrie, Marilyn, Mary (from The Memory Boutique), Menda, Rena, Shawna and Vicki U.

Jessica C.
Creative Team Member
MyMemories Suite


Linda said...

OMG Jessica. I'm sitting here with tears rolling down. It was an awesome project and one we all LOVED to do. I can't imagine Amy's experience holding that book in her hands. Thank you Amy for sharing your precious family with us. It was an awesome journey for all of us and to have met you your family through your pictures. Thank you Jessica for getting this project together. We all had so much fun with it. It's such a good group of people over at the MMS FB page that I'm proud to be a part of.

Lisa J. said...

I wholeheartedly agree with everything Linda said! We were so touched by your story and SO immediately smitten by the smile of your precious Katy and little Patrick! It was an absolute *HONOR* to play even a small part in helping to create a special remembrance of your trip to Disney! Thank you so much for opening your life to us and letting us share your journey for a short time!

Much love and hugs to all! Keep us posted on how it all is going!

Lisa J.

Anonymous said...

Such a heartwarming story. Thank you Jessica for spearheading this project, and to all the MMS peeps who opened up their hearts and created a masterpiece for this family. My heart is smiling!


Sarah said...

What a wonderful project that I wish I would have been able to be a part of. All of the pages are beautiful and I can't help but get a little teary eyed. Good job ladies!

Kat said...

What a touching slideshow. Amazing what we can do as a team! Very inspirational! Thank you so much to Jessica for getting us all together. Thank you to Amiee and Katy for letting us share along in their magical experience!

MagicalReality Designs said...

It was definately an amazing project to be part off! Thank you Jessica for having such a warm, loving and extreamly carring heart :) As soon as you intrduced the idea to us, having such a great team and Facebook fans I knew that this was possible! She is a sweet precious little magical fairy! It was a pleasure gettng to know the family through the famly photos. Sending everyone huge....tight HUGS!!!!!!!!!

Katherine aka MagicalReality Designs