Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Good afternoon! Hope you all are having a great start to June! As you know, many of the kids are getting out of school and heading to summer camp soon - and we don't want YOU to be left out! We are starting a great FOUR week summer series as we head off to *Camp Scrappy*! At our summer camp, we'll cover some light-hearted and fun ideas and inspiration, projects, challenges, and speedscraps to keep you busy while the kids are out having fun!

Each week there's a new PDF release! It covers the basics on the weeks theme and topic. Each week you will receive your new weeks PDF lesson on Wednesday, as well as the schedule for the upcoming challenges, project ideas, and speedscrap information! We are really excited to bring this fun series to you and hope you will find it helpful as you strive to grow your skills. Here is this weeks PDF link: Camp Scrappy Week ONE PDF

As our the new Blog takes off, be sure to check it out - there will be fun to be had there and of course, on that crazy busy MyMemories Suite Facebook page! We don't want you to miss a MINUTE of the summer fun!

So grab your flip-flops, your sunscreen, your bug spray and sleeping back - toss it all in your digital backpack and get going! No excuses!

The ADORABLE kit used in the creation of the PDF and some lessons during the series come from the brand-new kit in the Design Shop from Mel Hains, called *CAMPOUT* - how perfect is that??? Thanks SO much Mel!

Hope you can join us! Have a Happy Camp Scrappy Day!!

**UPDATE** ~ Here are the challenges from the first week of Camp! Click the links below for all the information you'll need to play along!! Come on and join the fun!!

*Fun PHOTO Challenge* - Thursday, June 2

*Finding Your Style* Challenge - Friday, June 3


Cairn S said...

Can't wait to get started!

The Litrenta Family said...

I love camping! :) Not sure how I can find time to camp EVERY day, but I'm sure going to try! This sounds like fun, thanks so much! And Mel, your Campout kit is ADORABLE!

Katrina D said...

I am excited for all the activites of camp scrappy. Unsure how much time I will have to play at camp scrappy but I will for sure check in from time to time.

Emily said...

Very fun! I hope I have time to play!

Anonymous said...

Love the photography tips. Thanks for such useful info especially when trying to photograph a 3 year old.

Shannon said...

Camp is so much fun. I have alot going on and would love to sit and relax with you lovely ladies. I think I am going to have to be the night owl to keep up, but I promise I will be quiet. Have fun!! I know I will.