Sunday, May 17, 2009

Photobooks are Growing in Popularity


I am fascinated by photobooks! I've been an avid scrapbooker for 14+ years and love the layered look that paper brings. I'm a tactile person and love the look and feel of embellishments or textured paper on my layouts. However, have you see an entire photobook in person?

The first time I saw a book by my friend that featured an entire year of her family's life, events and celebrations I was amazed. I loved that it was entire year in one 12x12" hardbound book with beautiful photographs, tons of journally and something that would look create on my coffee table (my family of course, not hers). 

I purchased the My Memories Suite by Polaroid software which was one of the few software packages available for both PC and MAC (yes I love my mac). I was so excited to create my first photobook and got to work. I threw together a 12x12" Disney album in no time at all using a template they offered for download. I loved how I could add or remove the number of photos on each page and more importantly I could ADD tons of journalling where ever I wanted. Then ordering a photobook through the software was super easy and fast and I thought their photobook prices were very reasonable. I'm planning to create a companion DVD of our Disney vacation and include the videos we took of the kids. Then I'll slip it into a pocket in the front of the album!! So I hope to create more photobooks this year and just be glad I actually scrapbooked my memories!!

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