Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Cinco de Mayo! (and... are you ready for Mother's Day???)

Good morning Suite Peeps!! A very happy Cinco de Mayo to you all!  While you may have some fun festivities planned for today - don't forget that MOTHER'S DAY is literally *just* around the corner!

For today's project idea - we will be squishing some previous lesson tips into NEW IDEA for those special Mom's on your gift list!  Remember back before Christmas we were all crazy doing CD Case calendars???  Well, adapt some of the skills we learned there (and I'll include the link to the tutorial workshop we did in case you missed it) and create your own CD Case Cover for a personalized CD for Mom!  Now, you can go get all fancy if you have one of those cool printers that will print right onto a CD for bonus *creativity* brownie point or two!  But basically, you can take ANY album you have created with your MMS software - OR a regular old music CD that you put together of Mom's favorite songs and make a custom cover for the case!

Here are the simple steps!  Create a new project page (or add a page to you any existing album).  I created this on an 8.5" x 11" landscape layout page so I could print this on my standard home printer!

  1. Add a NEW PHOTO BOX to your layout in the size dimensions that fit the CD case you have (the ones I have are 4.7" x 5.5") Use the RULER GUIDES in your software to drag the corners of the photo box to the size specifications you need.  (Some cases just fit the fronts, and some fit a small section that wraps around onto the spine of the CD case) Some are square 4.5" x 4.5" so check to see what fits your case!
  2. After your photo box is created you can drag it to the center of the screen to make it easier to work with (remember if your box is a little too big that will give you a little more edge room!
  3. Create your CD Case cover by adding photos, wordart, and embellishments that will show Mom just how special she is!  You can use all the same tools you have come to know and love in MMS for this small project!
  4. Save your completed "cover" page to a location on your computer where you will be able to located it for printing! (you do not need to create an entire page, just layer all your goodies on top of the photo box you added so you get the right size)
  5. Print your completed JPEG image of your page to nice weight paper or cardstock to give your CD a professional look!
  6. Grab your *GASP* scissors or paper trimmer, and cut out your image (check to make sure you have it set first by holding up your CD case to your image)  You can also use the paper insert that came in the CD case if yours has one as a guide for trimming
  7. Insert your newly created and *HIGHLY FABULOUS* CD cover into the case and you're done!

Now, find the perfect CD (or gift card, or concert tickets) whatever gift you're giving in the case and wrap it up!

Sit back and smile 'cause Mom is going to totally love you BEST this year!

Happy Thursday... and don't forget to make a memory today!


Stefanie Panhuyzen said...

The software looks great!

AJ said...

I have stopped by to check your blog out... Green Jello with Carrots sent me! AJ

Emilie said...

Thanks for the tips!

aleena said...

Thanks for the tutorial!