Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Are ya hangin' in there with us??

Good morning!  No doubt you are *tired* from all the FUN we've been having over on the Facebook page!  We've "Marched through March" and we are just about done *Springing into April* with the great tutorial and challenge series that we've hosted!  Each tutorial video or PDF or ABC challenge page has been put together with YOU in mind!  We are VERY excited about ALL the great pages you are posting and ALL the new friends you are inviting along the way!

Remember that you can always access ALL this information -  if you have missed any of the fun - on the forum page at!  There is a separate thread listed for each of our series and also for any other tutorial videos that we have done!  Check out *March Into MMS* for all the new tutorials, and *Spring into Scrappin'* for a great ABC Book challenge project!

We are *SO EXCITED* about all the fun things coming up with My Memories Suite and!  And we cannot believe how much new digital deliciousness there is from our new designers in the Design Shop!

Be sure to check it ALL out, you wouldn't want to be left behind!  And shortly we'll announce the new additions to the *Suite Chicks* Creative Team!

Remember if you ever have ANY questions, please never hesitate to ask! That's what we're here for and we are truly happy to help!  So check it out and come back soon to see what's coming up next!


Laura said...

Thankyou so much for all the great lessons - I have learned so much and appreciate trying the new ways to do pages. I am more and more inspired to continue getting things in order scrapping!!

Sandy said...

Those tutorial videos were wonderful. I learned so much about the program with them. I am having a great time with the ABC book, it will be the first one I have printed! Sandy Broman

Barbara said...

Have been looking for a place to ask a question-couldn't find any way to ask on FB-I visit there infrequently so don't know how to do that if there is no comment box.
This program sounds like just what I am looking for. I want to put all the photos I have in a online Gallery in album form and have them as slide shows. This program will allow me to have captions and comments-which is very important to me.
My question is about the slide show feature which is the only one I will probably use. Is one size of page better to use for a slide show presentation or will any size do? which size will display the largest? Are pages distorted in any way when they are put on screen either TV or computer?
I am pleased that everyone seems to say how easy it is to use as I want something quick and easy. I have Paint Shop Pro and can make or alter papers and embellishments for more variety and can edit my photos well enough.
I have over 20,000 photos online in albums and well arranged but I would like to get them all in albums with this program so I can give up the domain space and save some money. I don't need them online but I do need them organized and captioned. Once I went digital I have no desire for albums on a shelf.
I see you have lessons and I will look at those later.
Thank you for any answers to my concerns. Barb

Lisa J said...

Hi Barb! I am happy to help you with any of the information you'd like to know about My Memories Suite software! You can create wonderful slideshows of your images or pages you create with the software that you can add captions to as you like. You can add music, and link as well if you will be viewing them on computer. There are guides that you can use during the creation of your album that will best help to fit the size of the viewing screen you will be using!

If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to contact me! I am always happy to help!

Lisa J.

Lisa J said...

That's awesome!!

Lisa J.

Lisa J said...

Thanks Sandy!! Glad you are enjoying it!

Lisa J.

terri said...

oh my gosh I would love to start doing this I never have time to sit down and actually work on my pictures...I love all the embellishments way cool