Monday, January 10, 2011

Keeping your Project 365/52 on track!

Good afternoon!  WOW! It's January 10th already!!! Whether you are a new comer to digital scrapbooking, or you're an old timer... January is a GREAT time to freshen up your old ideas and start a new project!  We've been hosting a new thread over the forum page  to help provide some tools to keep you on track.  Whether you are ambitious enough to take a photo (or a PAGE) a day, or one a week or a month, there are some great tips there to help you stay on track.

We've also added a great new LIBRARY FORUM TOPIC to help you locate any of the video tutorials that have been done for My Memories Suite software to help you along in learning and mastering your software!  As new videos become available, it's the one place where you'll be able to find them ALL!

I'm not sure where YOU are, but it is a WET, WINDY and RAINY day here in Jacksonville!  It's a perfect time to get some things caught up that I have fallen a smidge behind on.  While I was going through some things on Facebook, I ran across another great resource that I might use to help with some ideas and inspiration to keep me going on my project.  I really want to be successful and with a combination of tools and resources I have located, I am committed to it - AND helping YOU be successful too!

This is a site dedicated strictly to photographing your Project 365!  Wow, you can sign up and use the tips and tricks they offer to help you stay on top of it!  Remember you can always mold the project to fit your life and your time availability - the purpose is just to chronicle your life's story this year - the BIG moments in your family's year and all those little precious gems in between.

Could be as simple as story time with the kiddos, or taking down the tree (which I still have NOT done!) or just a fun day at the park, or out playing in the snow.  Try to find a little "aha' moment in every day to be thankful for.  Snap a picture with your camera, snap one with your cell phone - just remember to do it!  You can ALWAYS go back and scrap the pages later on... that can wait if you are tight on time.  Just that you won't be able to re-create the day you have today.  Don't let it slip by.  And MORE often this year than last - make sure YOU are in the pictures!  Would your family's story be complete without YOU in the pictures at least some of the time???  I didn't think so!  Let someone else get behind the camera from time to time and capture you.  It doesn't matter if your hair needs to be cut, or your color is faded, it doesn't matter to those who love you that you need to lose 10 (or 110!) pounds! Just stick yourself in there and get in the pictures!

So, check out this great site and see if it can help YOU today!

Have a great one, and make sure you visit us on Facebook from time to time to check in! We'd LOVE to see what you're up to!

... and don't forget to make a memory today!

Lisa J.

 (I'm adding a sample idea for a project page that would give you one little idea for your project! )  This is simply a page set up with photo boxes added in the style of a calendar layout/grid - and the "photo of the day" is dropped into the little box that corresponds to the day's date!  (the rest of the photo boxes are added already but don't show up in the jpeg image because there's no photo in them yet!) This is a fast and easy way to keep track of the photo and what day it was taken on.  A great addition is a facing page with a line or two of text for each photo that is included!  *Just an idea!  Hope it inspires YOU to come up with your own great project ideas!

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