Monday, July 19, 2010

Sidebar Feature in MMS V2 adds Convenient Access to Elements!

A great new feature of MMS V2 is the great sidebar Resource Gallery.  Located on the left-hand side of the screen, you can quickly find photos, embellishments, shapes, photo layouts and papers.  You can also select a variety of predesigned wordarts to your layouts from this gallery.

The photos section of the resource gallery can link to any folder on your computer, which adds ease and speed to locating the perfect picture for your page. The Embellishment option of the resource gallery conveniently displays embellishments in folders.  Change from folder to folder without any delays.  Drag and drop your embellishments to your layout with ease to create the perfect layout.

The Shapes option lets you quickly select the perfect shape to compliment your layout.  Edit your shape and add a paper for pizzazz using the shape menu on the right hand side of the screen.  You can also add shapes made from your favorite papers using the paper option on the resource gallery.  Just click the box that says “Add a Shape Object” to choose the background and shape you want in one click.

The Photo Layout option lets you easily place photos on your page.  You can choose photo layouts with multiple photos and fill in the photo boxes with papers to create a different look when using the same photo layout on multiple pages in the same album.

The Background Papers option lets you easily select backgrounds for you page layouts and also lets you easily add shapes made with your favorite papers.  Consider using the square-rectangle shape to make ribbons from your favorite papers.

The WordArt option provides a variety of premade wordarts using features from the wordart menu.  This helps speed up the wordart feature by letting you select a format that will best fit your layout without having to go through each option of the wordart menu.

You can make your memories into a suite album in no time at all!!

So make every day a SUITE day!

Sarah B.

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