Sunday, May 15, 2011

*March Into MMS* Video TUTORIALS links!! :-)

Here are the video links for ALL the March Into MMS tutorial videos I did during the March series a couple months back! While our website goes through all it's updates and changes, you will still be able to find them by title! Please let me know if you have ANY questions during the series or if you need any more help with any of these topics!

Please enjoy!

Lisa J.

Here is a cover I created if you decide to print the PDF's so it looks CUTE!
PDF Link: *March Into MMS Cover Page*

Video Link: Using Outside Content *IN* your MMS!
PDF Link: Outside Content PDF

Video Link: Doin' the Text Wrap!
PDF Link: Text Wrap PDF

PDF Link: Background Papers PDF

Video Link: Moving Pages/Inserting Designer Template Pages
PDF Link: Moving/Inserting Pages PDF

Video Link: Wanna Change the Shape/Orientation of that Album?
PDF Link: Change Shape/Orientation PDF

Video Link: What's Your Preference?
PDF Link: Preference Setting PDF

Video Link: Shadows & Mats... How about that??
PDF Link: Shadows & Mats PDF

Video Link: Using PHOTO ONLY Template Albums and Pages
PDF Link: PHOTO ONLY templates PDF

Video Link: Zoom Tool and Page View options:
PDF Link: Zoom Tool/Page View

Video Link: *Order & Alignment* What you need to know
PDF Link: Order & Alignment PDF

Video Link: March into the MMS Website
PDF Link: There is *no* PDF for this lesson! Check out the website!

Video Link: To GROUP or not to GROUP, that is the Question
PDF Link: Grouping PDF

Video Link: Using GUIDES to create PHOTO PAPER READY layouts
PDF Link: Using Guides PDF

Video Link: Wanna SHARE that page? (Posting your pages to FB and EMAIL)
PDF Link: Sharing Pages PDF

Video Link: Crop and Edit like a PRO
PDF Link: Crop & Edit PDF

Video Link: WordArt that YOU create
PDF Link: WordArt YOU Create PDF

Video Link: FAST FILL option
PDF Link: Fast Fill PDF

Video Link: Uploading Your PHOTOBOOK for printing with MMS
PDF Link: Uploading Your PHOTOBOOK PDF

Video Link: Copy & Paste (text and content from outside sources)
PDF Link: Copy & Paste (outside content) PDF

Video Link: Lettering Delights Lesson
PDF Link: Lettering Delights PDF

Video Link: MyMemories Suite Workscreen Tour
PDF Link: MMS Workscreen PDF

Video Link: Making a Designer Template Your Own
PDF Link: Using Designer Templates

Video Link: Adding SHAPES to your MMS program Using SVG files
PDF Link: Adding Shapes w/SVG files PDF

Video Link: Create a Custom Header for your Blogger Blog
PDF Link: Create a Custom Blogger Header PDF

Video Link: Using JOURNALING MATS and FONTS to tell Your Story
PDF Link: Mats and Fonts PDF

Video Link: Clustering Made Easy
PDF Link: Clustering PDF

Video Link: *Your WORDS as ART*
PDF Link: Your WORDS as Art PDF

Video Link: Adding MUSIC/NARRATION to your Project
PDF Link: Adding Music & Narration

Video Link: Adding MEMORIES without the Mess (using Memoribilia in your Project!)
PDF Link: Add MEMORIES Without the Mess PDF

Video Link: Telling your CHILD'S Story with MMS (create a book/story your CHILD tells)
PDF Link: Tell your CHILD'S story PDF


Lindy said...

Oh my goodness....this is just awesome!!!! I just ordered the MMS software and waiting on my shipment. This will be so HELPFUL when I start. THANK YOU!!!!!

Unknown said...

Oh Lisa this was so AWESOME!! I had missed some of the lessons and now I have the full set!!
Thanks for all the hard work...will patiently wait for the "Spring" blog?!

Cindy .B. said...

Lots of time spent here to benefit the ones who have such a lovely software. I copied everything to a disk and I printed everything out...
A very BIG Thanks goes out to you for such a wonderful job...

Lisa J. said...

Oh!! I am so glad you have found the list!! If you ever need more help just ask!

Lisa J.

Anonymous said...

Oh WOW!!! This is incredible! Now I just have to pry myself away from the program ans watch them!! :D


Jessica :) said...

I just received the My Memories Suite software and so far I love it! I've just been playing around with it and it is a lot of fun! Digital is the only to scrapbook, as far as I'm concerned, so this is great. This list will be very helpful to me as I work on learning about this software. I do have one question and I haven't found my answer yet. I'm wondering about the printing options of Cards and Trading Cards. I've seen tutorials that have those options and the My Memories website lists them as options, but my software doesn't have them. Do I need to do something special to be able to have those printing options? Thanks so much! I look forward to spending more time with this software! :)

Anonymous said...

GREAT! Thanks so much!!