Friday, April 30, 2010

Great Gift Ideas for Mother's Day!

Great Gifts for Mother’s Day!

I can’t believe that Mother’s Day has already snuck up on us!  For the mother’s in my life I have created a tradition of giving them an empty scrapbook and then for every holiday/birthday I give them new pages to fill it with.  With MMS it makes it so simple.  I’ll I have to do is create one page and I have 3 books filled (mine, my mother’s, and my mother-in-law’s).  There are tons of great designs and templates to choose from in the shop - make sure you check them out.  Here is a page I did last year for Mother’s day.  I used A Mother’s Life from the Ette’s and Company.

Another great gift idea that I think any mother would love is a brag book.  I created some brag books for Grandparents this last Christmas and they were a hit.  Simply take a template pack and you already have a starting point for a book.  Here are some sample pages from the books I created.  I used the Grandparent’s Brag Book from Miriam Lima.  Once your book is created simply use the book option to have them printed.  However, if you are like me and wait to the last moment to get things done, there is another option.  Simply create your pages in a landscape format and print them as 4x6’s at your local print shop.  Then go to your local store and find a cute 4x6 picture album and WHOLA!

Don’t make it complicated.  Keep it simple and focus on the pictures and you can create an amazing gift in a flash!

Happy Scrapping and Mother’s Day!

Brooke :)

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