Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Great idea for your 2010 Family Books!

We have been talking about year long projects and commitments on the Facebook page lately... they are a FANTASTIC way to chronicle your family's year in pictures and journaling. Finding the TIME to do that type of project can be daunting though - especially when we have VERY busy families! Check out the blog post below from Sarah - a VERY smart member of our Creative Team here at MMS! Sarah shares a great idea for how to simplify this task and make it work for YOU!

Thanks for sharing Sarah! Check out Sarah's blog for more great ideas! Scrapping Sarah's Scribblings!

I love scrap booking, but when I see challenges to do 365 day projects, my blood pressure rises and the anxiety starts to build. I can't take medication 365 days a year like I am supposed to, so I seriously doubt that doing a 365 day project will work for me. The 52 weeks projects look a little more inviting, but then I saw a blog that recommended a top ten memories project and knew I had found the perfect one for me.

I CAN make a top ten list for every month of memories for that month. Couple that with my goal to write more stories down and do a monthly round-up and I think that's all I can handle. This should help make scrapping all the important events a little easier to scrap because it gives me a plan and it limits my entries. Here are the first pages of the year…

Have you started something new for the year? Share your great ideas.
Happy Scrapping,

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