Saturday, April 4, 2009

Creating Bubbles in My Memories Suite

pagemaps-p001 I loved building this page using some of the new Designer Packs from Ettes & Company (Feelin' Happy and Blue Skies). But after I finished I felt the layout needed just a little something to help spotlight the fact that Emma is blowing bubbles. So I created some fun bubbles using the SHAPES tool. Below are quick instructions on how to do this.


Directions: Select the "Shapes" tab in your Control Panel and then click on "Add Shape". Of course to create a bubble you want to start with a circle, which I decided to make white. However, I didn't like the stark white bubble, so I reduced the OPACITY to about 45%, which I loved. I then copied and pasted additional circles, varing the size of the bubbles.


Last I duplicated a couple of the bubbles and placed the behind the white bubble, but changed the color to a blue to give it a bit of a drop shadow.

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