Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Quick & Easy Invitations

One of our users sent us this idea from her blog. Thanks for sharing!! - I needed some quick invitations for church last week. I started by creating a landscape page from scratch. I dropped in a new paper design from the Be My Guest Pack by Ettes & Company and then added ONLY text. It's amazing what you can do with beautiful fonts!


I exported (share button) my page out as a JPG. And then I printed it out on white cardstock. From most PCs you can print 4-up to a page from your preview screen. But I dropped it into Word and pasted a few copies so I had four to a page. I then trimmed them with my paper trimmer.

greattobe8_cu1Next I trimmed a slightly larger piece of black cardstock, punched the right edge with my very cool Stampin Up punch and adhered them together. I tied a small piece of ribbon to a paper clip and slid it onto the white part.

I thought I would personalize them a bit and add each child's name. I simply created a black shape and dropped the kid's names in white text over it, printed it out onto cardstock and then trimmed the names down and placed them under a small paper clip.


These were very inexpensive and very fast and easy to create...and I think they look beautiful, don't you?

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