Sunday, March 29, 2009

Adding Perfectly Placed Photo Mats

One feature that I love using in the My Memories Suite software is adding Photos “Mats” to some of the photographs. You can determine the thickness of the mat and then color match it perfectly with a color from your layout or even the photograph. Here’s how to add mats to your photographs:

1. Simply select the photograph you want to add a color mat to and click on the “Mat” button and a Mat Properties box will appear.

addingmat12. First select the thickness of your mat. Default is 10, but for this example we changed it to 4.

3. The default mat color is white. For this example, we changed the color to match a color from one of the embellishments on the page. To do this, click on the “Change” button next to the color swatch.
addingmat24. A “Mat Color” box will open and you can pick from a menu of color swatches, RGB, Favorites and our favorite the “Color Picker”.


In this window you simply have to move your mouse over the are of the layout that you’d like to match the color, reference the box in the upper right corner to know the actual. Once you’ve selected your color, click “OK” twice.


Description: Feelin' Happy Template by Ettes & Company

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